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Cree el Cambio y la Energía Positivos Colección...
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This Spanish hypnosis collection, Create Positive Change and Energy, is a new collection of scripts from certified hypnotherapist Erika Perez. This collection of scripts entirely in Spanish has been created to improve your health, clarity, and spirit and include the following scripts: Pensamiento Positivo (Positive Thinking) Cambia tus Malos Habitos (Change Your Bad Habits) Super Motivacion (Super Motivation) Activa tus Chacras (Balance Your Chakras) Confianza y Auto Estima (Confidence & Self-Esteem) Sueno Profundo (Deep Sleep) Included in this collection are two different inductions for you to choose from, the Beach Induction and a Staircase Induction. Each script has an ending already attached. Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish. 1. Spanish. Erika Perez.

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