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Brand from South Korea: VDL. Benefits: A waterproof auto eye pencil with creamy texture to create all-day-long eye line. Allows one touch easy drawing, glides smoothly for a vivid eye line finish. Quick-drying after application, prevent smudging during/after drawing. A 2-in-1 eye liner, can be use as eye shadow and eye liner at the same time. Its sliding gel formula allows close adherence and the colour intense powder offers vivid colour payoff. 8 colours provides matte, glitter finish and also pop colour. The pop colour #08 Living Coral can be use as eye and lip product at the same time. Colour Details: Matte finish: #01 Jet Black, #03 Morning Presso, #04 Seasalt Brown, #05 Coral Mood Glitter finish: #02 Midnight Black, #06 Peach Quartz Pop colour: #07 Purple Dive, #09 Living Coral How to use: Use as eye liner: Draw along the eye line softly and look downwards for a few seconds to let it dry. Use as eye shadow: Draw along eye line, spread and blend away evenly on eyelid with fingertip or a brush.

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